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May 06, 2012


Caryn Hoadley

Holy cow, Shelby! I followed your progress & post-partum at the Farm both here and on FB, and knew there were complications. I just had no idea the extent of them! What an amazing, incredible, eye-opening, hard-to-believe birth!

You, Scott and your amazing team have my utmost respect and admiration for it seems you accomplished a true miracle with Jack's birth. :)

So very proud of and happy for you! Can't wait to read installment #2!!!

With giant hugs,
Caryn P.S. Thanks from Brad & me for the incredibly helpful insight & perspective on hiring our doula. :-)

Shelby Shankland

Thanks, Caryn! :) So happy to help.


Congrats! This story is important because homebirth is inherently safe, but it's vital to have attendants who are well prepared and knowledgeable. You had both. Sometimes babies just take a bit to "come round"....and need a little help getting started...

Adele Richardson

Unbelievable story! God is so good! We are thrilled He gave you precious Jack and that all is well now. You guys are champions!

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